A New Force in Watches

The Details


Individual Parts


Time Belts ™


Microstep Motors


Electrical Contacts

Darth Vader Helmet

Tie Fighter Wing

Imperial Crest

Titanium Fasteners

The Display


  • 316L stainless steel
  • True black diamond-like coating
  • Scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens with bulletproof durability
  • Numbered 1-500 on back plate
  • Four interwoven 2-micron thin nylon time belts
  • Lubricant-free ruby bearings
  • Four micro-step motors
  • Multiple high-tech optical recognition cells
  • Temperature-compensated crystal
  • Onboard microprocessor
  • 313 electrical contacts
  • Lithium-polymer rechargeable cell
  • Powered for two weeks on one charge
  • Recharge wirelessly through inductive charging tower

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